Get yourself ready for some marvelous magic!

MARY LOVE is a master in surprising card tricks, mentalism and magic classics, like the bunny-out-of-the-hat-trick.

Well, at least she thinks she is…

She roller-skates herself into the hearts of the audience,
bringing laughter and joy.

Her foolishness combined with the unstoppable will to do real magic leads her towards an inevitable chaos.

MARY LOVE invites you into her enchanted world –

But be aware:
She might put a spell on you!

„Omg, she is hilarious!“

„MARY LOVE’s magical world is crazy, funny and very, very special!“

About the artist

Berlin-based artist Marie Faust created the MARY LOVE MAGIC SHOW to combine her various passions for art, magic, dancing, hand-crafting, roller-skating, special effects and all over everything the art of the controlled chaos.

She loves to build, which as a result you can see in the plentiful self-made special effects and props she uses in her show. Besides of various studies of clown in Germany, Spain, Italy and France, she also studied theater pedagogy which strengthened her talent to interact with the audience. Marie loves to bring laughter to everyone, young and old, and to create memorable moments of joy and connection.

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